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Case Study

Beyond Skills™ Workshop Enables Managers To Move Teams Through Change


A nimble, innovative, and fast-paced pharmaceutical company

What We Did

Facilitated a series of Beyond Skills Navigating Change Workshops for managers to help their teams with change


Managers were able to quickly translate their learnings into tangible ways of helping their teams navigate uncertainty


The client organization was a high-performing team that was being acquired by a larger, more prominent firm. While the acquisition was underway, the teams still had critical deadlines and goals to meet at the same time they were dealing with the full range of emotions and uncertainty that come with an acquisition. 

The internal communications leader recognized that the team was in uncharted territory and needed more support to help guide their teams through the change they were experiencing. They reached out to Blue Beyond to customize a Beyond Skills Navigating Change Workshop for their people leaders.


Our consulting team quickly assessed and gained a clear understanding of the client’s challenges. Leveraging our ready-to-launch Beyond Skills Navigating Change Workshop, we partnered with their internal team to apply context and deliver a workshop that resonated with their culture and circumstances. Employees were given the opportunity to attend a series of two-part workshops with part one focusing on self and part two focusing on leading others.

Navigating Change Workshop

The Navigating Change Workshop teaches participants how to handle ambiguity, strengthen resilience, and rally teams around change. It goes beyond the “how-to” of managing change by providing a foundational understanding of how people process change, psychologically and emotionally, and how to recognize and address resistance to change.


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Participants came away understanding how they and others process change and how to translate their learnings into tangible ways of helping their teams. As a result, they were able to minimize attrition, keep employees engaged, and advance their teams’ critical deliverables in the midst of a change-intensive acquisition.


“After our managers took the course, they were able to quickly translate their learnings into tangible ways of helping their teams navigate uncertainty. It was noticeable in our team’s engagement and attitudes and in the interactions amongst leaders and
their teams”

— Internal Communications Leader


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