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Employee Learning and Development

Learning and development programs are only impactful for employees when they’re both used and useful. It’s not just about designing and delivering the learning — but creating a compelling narrative that inspires employees to engage with it.

Our approach: 

We use learning experiences and resources to enable employees to deepen their expertise, expand their skills, and grow professionally. We help you craft the compelling story of the “why” behind your employee learning program, and support the design and delivery of it. Our employee learning experiences and programs are tailored to meet your business and culture, with custom topics and trainings, and/or existing course materials that follow our proven methods for success.


Our guiding principles to effective learning:

  • Engaging content: approachable language and relatable examples
  • Interactive: hands-on practice and activities that make it stick
  • Dynamic and visual: compelling graphics and visual representations of information
  • Blended approach: classroom, live virtual training, on-demand elearning, physical materials

We use graphic facilitation and recording to enhance employee learning and development.

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