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Achieve business breakthroughs with an effective strategic planning process

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Strategic Planning Consultants

Achieve business breakthroughs with an effective strategic planning process

Strategic Planning Services Rooted in Successful Visioning, Alignment, and Goal-Setting

Whether you are a nonprofit engaged in mid- to long-term goal-setting, a corporation navigating a significant change, or a leader at a higher education institution creating an actionable strategic plan, it’s important to have a partner who brings fresh, external perspectives that unveil hidden opportunities and insights.

As specialists in facilitating the strategic planning process for companies of all sizes, we can guide you to successfully articulate your vision, build alignment around your strategy, map team objectives to company objectives, and cascade the strategy to every level of the organization.

Why Invest in Strategic Planning Services?


Companies with a written strategic plan grow 30% faster than companies that don’t (Funding for Good)


Companies who look at the future systematically achieve 33% higher profitability than the average organization (Science Direct)


of executive leaders spend less than an hour monthly reviewing their strategic plan (Harvard Business Review)

Our Approach: Translating Goals Into an Actionable Framework

At Blue Beyond Consulting, we use six key strategies to facilitate a planning process that will help you chart the course for the future, retain good people, and achieve business outcomes.

Nonprofit - Clarifying the mission, vision and values narrative

Create a collaborative, inclusive process

Nonprofit - Strategic planning

Operate off data — not assumptions

Culture strategy and transformation

Set an expectations for shared responsibility and ownership

Change management

Prioritize transparent communication

Leadership and team effectiveness training

Think past the strategic plan

Communications strategy and implementation

Commit to making changes — especially leadership

Bring Your Strategic Plan to Life

After your strategic plan receives the green light, we collaborate with you to craft a clear and engaging communication strategy. This includes designing striking visuals and straightforward implementation steps to ensure your plan is not only understood but also effectively executed. The success of a strategic plan hinges on your stakeholders fully grasping their roles in making it a reality.

Strategic planning graphic for higher education by Blue Beyond Consulting

Our Strategic Planning Consultants in Action: Articulating a Unified Vision for a New University

Partnering with Pennsylvania’s State System of Education, our consultants helped to align stakeholders around a shared vision and inaugural strategic plan for the newly formed Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania.

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