Blue Beyond Consulting

Tell Your DEI Story

DEI communication that inspires, engages, and activates your people

Building a culture distinguished by inclusion and belonging requires that every employee understands your DEI commitment, sees how DEI is relevant and actionable to your business, and knows how they can contribute to making your DEI vision real.

We bring together our expertise in crafting compelling messaging, holistic employee-experience focused programs, and extraordinary visual communication together to truly enable deep and sustained employee engagement and to build extraordinary, inclusive company cultures.  


Here’s just a few ways we are helping our clients tell their DEI story in a way that garners results:

  • Crafting DEI strategy and program messaging 
  • Developing company purpose and values distinguished by DEI commitments
  • Designing compelling DEI program visuals
  • Development of Employee Value Proposition messaging, visuals, and rollout strategy that emphasizes DEI
  • Creating and implementing DEI-focused employee engagement campaigns
  • Executive and leadership communications messaging and presentations
  • DEI crisis communications strategy, planning, and advising 
  • Storytelling initiatives that provide proof points for DEI outcomes and benefits
  • Integrating DEI messaging into existing HR programs, processes, and tools — for example, career development materials, leadership competency frameworks, manager training, performance management, hybrid work policies, etc.

Wherever you are on your DEI journey, we want to help