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Strategic Communications Planning

Do you know how your team stacks up against world-class communications organizations?

Communications leaders need to think holistically about the capabilities of their function and how they align with business priorities. As practitioners of organizational effectiveness who’ve worked closely with communications teams over decades, we’ve seen a consistent set of core capabilities specific to internal and external communications teams that when leveraged appropriately can dramatically improve the ability of the communications function to truly drive differentiated business value.

World-Class Communications Capabilities

Below is a preview of the 46 capabilities we’ve identified that characterize leading communications teams at global Fortune 500 organizations.

  • Enhance Manager Communication
  • Rationalize Incoming Information
  • Streamline Internal Message Volume
  • Optimize Communication Channels
  • Ensure Strategic Mandate
  • Leverage Employee Insights
  • Leverage External Audience Insights
  • Enable Company Change Initiatives
  • Equip Change Leadership
  • Plan and Execute Strategies to Bolster Employee Engagement
  • Understand and Positively Impact Employee Experience
  • Enable and Sustain “Line-of-Sight”
  • Engage Internal Influencers
  • Strengthen Reputation through Thought Leadership
  • Optimize Resources for Greatest Impact and Value
  • Ensure a Proactive Approach to Company Reputation
  • Build Sustained Stakeholder Sponsorship
  • Continuously Improve Communications Function Performance
  • Grow and Evolve Communications’ Talent
  • Establish Strategic Vendor Partnerships
  • Anticipate and Mitigate Reputational Risks

We help leaders and teams benchmark their communications capabilities:

Understand where you have strengths today

Identify what capabilities are truly differentiating

communications team capabilities

Notice where you might be over-investing

Ensure your team is moving the needle in the right direction for the business

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