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We build organizations where both the business and the people thrive.

Our focus: the people side of business

So often the work of culture, communications, change management, talent, DEI, and organizational effectiveness is referred to as the “soft stuff”, but in fact, it’s the hardest for companies to get right. 

Behind the many systems and processes that exist within an organization, you find people — the key component that underlies everything in business. Great companies cannot be successful without them. You rely on your people to be innovative, adaptive, and resilient in an ever-changing global economy. Every day, companies and leaders are facing challenges that require people to think, feel, or act differently in support of business goals. That’s where we come in.


Blue Beyond by the Numbers

Blue Beyond was founded in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are now a growing firm of 70+ team members across the U.S. and provide services to clients all over North America and globally. Most of our work is with global Fortune 500 companies, but we also consult with non-profits, universities, and small and mid-sized firms.


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People often ask about the name of our company. What does it mean? Why did we choose it? How did it come about?


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We hold our culture dear because it’s truly what makes us, us. Having a culture rooted in our Deep Trust and High Expectations® framework allows us to do what we do best — help our clients build organizations where both the business and the people thrive.



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