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Free Ebook: 4 Essential Steps to Create Actionable Strategic Plans in Higher Education

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Are you trying to find common ground with your university’s stakeholders during your strategic planning process? Or perhaps you aren’t sure how to focus your strategic planning priorities to realize your vision? Start to overcome consensus culture, build trust and credibility, and deliver an actionable strategic plan by downloading our ebook. 

In this free resource, we share how to approach higher ed strategic planning thoughtfully, strategically, and empathetically – you’ll learn how to:

  • Facilitate a collaborative and open process from design to implementation
  • Bring diverse stakeholders together to align on common goals
  • Create a plan that balances energy and resources, drives organizational progress, and generates results
  • Measure progress over time, knowing when it’s time to review, adjust, or update your strategic plan

Drive your university forward while making your people feel heard and understood.


Download the Higher Education Strategic eBook today