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Human, Compelling, Visual Communications™

Achieve business outcomes with a people-centered approach

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Human, Compelling, Visual Communications™

Achieve business outcomes with a people-centered approach

The State of Communications Today

Today’s organizational communications are more than just an information transfer, they are how employees experience the business, leaders, and culture. Our research revealed that 91% of knowledge workers consider communication the number one factor for an effective culture. Yet, only 26% of knowledge workers surveyed strongly agree that their company communicates effectively.

So, where are leaders and organizations falling short? 

The widening employee expectations gap suggests that, as the ways we work change, organizations must evolve their internal communications strategies to enable teams to contribute with confidence and thrive.

Why is this so challenging?

The way we consume information is shifting toward visual mediums that are easy to digest and are thoughtfully curated. It’s no surprise why employees seek this same communications experience at work.

When every touch point counts, communications that are human, compelling, and visual help leaders and organizations create meaning, drive results, and foster environments where both the business and the people thrive.

How We Define Human, Compelling, Visual Communications™

The core of our approach is simple: Human, Compelling, Visual Communications™ reach audiences effectively by leaning on our human instincts to spot patterns, connect the dots, and sense-make the world through visuals. 

This winning recipe delivers clearer, stronger, and more actionable messages that ladder up to the success of your business strategy.


Communications that are “human” leverage our natural tendencies to receive information, understand its context, and build connection. They use simple language, strike a balance between brevity and meaning, and feel like they are coming from a real person who cares. 


Communications that are “compelling” are designed to inspire, inform, build knowledge, and call audiences to action. They situate employees in the right context, are clear in what they want your people to know, feel, and do, and broadcast the “so what” behind your message.


Communications that are “visual” have the power to build connection and alignment faster than words alone. They help audiences visualize organizational change, build alignment between ideas, concepts, and programs, and bring your message to life.


Take a Deeper Look

The average person remembers 80% of what they see (compared to 20% of what they read). Source: LinkedIn

74% of communicators think their updates are concise and effective, but only 40% of employees agree. Source: Axios

Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than information presented in text. Source: MIT News

Communications That Move Organizations Forward

Perfecting the tapestry of internal communications gives employees the tools, resources, and know-how they need to do their jobs and move work forward. We believe communications can:

Deepen Human Connections

Our visual communications team is central to our interdisciplinary services and deeply embedded across all we do. Our goal is to create fantastic experiences for employees through visuals by inviting them into the process, evoking emotions, lore-building, and building a movement.

Galvanize Employee Commitment

Sending the right message to the right audience is critical to earning your people’s trust, centering them in your vision, and earning their buy-in.

Create Strategic Clarity

Human, Compelling, Visual Communications™ sees beyond communications as a “means to an end.” It ensures strategic alignment across organizations, hierarchies, and functions.

The Result? Blue Beyond Equips Organizations and Leaders To:

  • Articulate and bring purpose, values, and culture to life
  • Align, strengthen, and mobilize teams
  • Activate and embed your employer brand
  • Guide people through organizational change
  • Educate employees about organizational programs and initiatives
  • Cultivate better employee experiences rooted in belonging, trust, and respect
  • Build Deep Trust and High Expectations® cultures

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Employees today don’t want less communication — but they do want better. In this discussion, comms experts Beth Hoang, Brooke McKinney, and Caitlin Strauss Corda survey the state of organizational communications today and why Human, Compelling, Visual Communications™ are the secret to vibrant work cultures and top performance.

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