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Case Study

Change Communication Strategies For Ongoing Business Transformation


Multi-billion dollar technology company with nearly 20,000 employees

What We Did

Partnered with office of Business Transformation to help build organizational alignment in the midst of major changes


Communication efforts brought previously disparate teams together in support of the business; equipped organization with repeatable process to take on future large-scale change

Keeping Leaders and Teams Aligned When Roles and Business Goals are Shifting


A multi-billion dollar technology company faced massive amounts of change and transformation from every angle: their market was shifting, they were facing new competition, they were selling entirely new products, and internal growth was happening fast. It was amidst this far-reaching transformation that Blue Beyond was enlisted to help the company build the capacity and capability to undergo the change necessary to scale and grow the business.


Blue Beyond supported their office of Business Transformation to identify, develop and support the communications efforts necessary to help four different areas of the business come into new, more efficient functions. Prior to the effort, these functions existed in pieces and parts throughout the organization — embedded in the business groups — and the goal was to bring like-minded people together to best support the needs of the overall company.

Through this effort, the company was working to reduce duplication of efforts, remove process friction, and create new more nimble ways to get things done. However, this newfound business value did not come without some pain and hard transition. Bodies were shifting, leaders were losing members of their teams as people came into new roles, and new organizations had to be built out and grown.

This is when the Blue Beyond team came in strong to help. We supported the:

  • Communications strategy to help leaders and stakeholders understand changing roles
  • Alignment of team members around their mission and vision
  • Senior leadership in communicating to their teams with consistent messaging, tone and voice throughout the change


As we helped the company navigate their current shifts, a rubric for how to take on inevitable future transformations evolved. We worked hand-in-hand with the office of Business Transformation to develop a repeatable, end-to-end organizational alignment methodology and associated templates and tools that any facet of the company could employ moving forward. The Blue Beyond team helped the entire organization build a repeatable process to take on future large-scale change.

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