Employee engagement is an outcome, not a program. Employee engagement is achieved by integrating it in every facet of the business - from the way programs are designed to the way leaders lead.

We understand the nuanced approaches to helping boost employee awareness and understanding, as well as inspiring employees to feel a much deeper commitment and a readiness to change the way they think about their daily work.
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Multifaceted Strategy Inspires Leaders to See Business Value of Employee Engagement

How we helped a Fortune 500 company develop a comprehensive strategy and business case for investing in employee engagement.

Engaged employees are fundamental to building and sustaining business results.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by


We partner with you to generate employee experiences that engage and align your people.

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  • Developing and implementing strategies aimed at creating employee awareness, understanding, commitment, and action
  • Creating and implementing employee communication strategies aligned to well-defined business objectives and tracked through meaningful metrics
  • Developing processes to obtain employee questions and feedback
  • Building alignment around a common vision and goals
  • Inspiring employees with give-them-something-to-talk-about moments
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Employee Engagement

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Leadership Engagement

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Engagement Training & Resources

  • Focus Groups
  • Custom Training Programs & Workshops
  • Employee Resource Groups
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employee engagement consulting blue beyond consulting

“What do I like best? No cookie-cutter solutions — you really listen and do what’s right for my business.”


“Global company-wide meeting broadcast in 12 regions? Not a problem.”

Caitlin Strauss Corda

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“Designing an innovative employee training? I’ve got some ideas.”

Whitney Grabowski

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“Want to do more with your employee survey data? Let’s do it!”

Lili Polastri

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