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For people leaders who aspire to be great.

An immersive, facilitated learning experience that equips managers with the mindset and capabilities to unleash the potential of their people and lead engaged, high-performing teams.

The program includes skill-building exercises focused on four essential practices:

best boss workshop for managers - connecting to purpose

Aligning to Broader Purpose

Create a clear connection and line-of-sight between the work of the individual, the team, and the larger company purpose.

Providing Feedback

Build mutual trust and demonstrate true investment in growth by giving and receiving impactful feedback.

Mastering Communication

Inform, connect, and engage team members through consistent and effective communication.

Supporting Career Development

Provide tailored career guidance and support to help each individual explore and pursue the right path for them.

best boss workshop for managers

This program is different.

It goes beyond the basic skills and provides tools to shift the way managers think about their role as a leader, and how they inspire each person on their team to deliver their best work.

We offer two unique Best Boss delivery approaches to meet the specific needs of your team.


One full-day or two half-day sessions


A series 90-minute sessions

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