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Embrace Remote Work: The Future is Flexible

Elevate Performance and Well-Being with Hybrid Work Solutions

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Embrace Remote Work: The Future is Flexible

Elevate Performance and Well-Being with Hybrid Work Solutions

If Work Can Be Done From Anywhere, It Will Be — and Should Be

The rise of remote work during the pandemic fundamentally and permanently shifted the traditional workplace model, especially for jobs involving knowledge work. According to the Flex Index by Scoop, the number of companies requiring people to be in the office full time has dropped to less than a third, down from nearly half at the start of 2023. 

What’s emerging as the clear front-runner is hybrid work — with the latest reports showing that 64% of companies employ a workforce that is required to spend part of the week in the office or their employees are choosing to do so. This rapid acceleration of hybrid work is one of the six realities transforming business and driving significant decision points for leaders today.

What is the return on autonomy?

Employees with the ability to work a hybrid or fully remote schedule are much more likely to stay with their employer because they value the freedom to choose how and where they work. People who can work from home at least two days per week report:

  • Better mental and physical health
  • More work-life balance
  • Cost savings of $6,000 or more per year
  • Higher productivity and job satisfaction
  • Greater Happiness

Source: Josh Bersin, The Flex Report

8 in 10

8 in 10 remote-capable employees expect to work hybrid or fully remote. (Gallup)


Employees able to work where they want are 3.2X more likely to stay with their organization. (Gartner)


Organizations that allow remote work grow four times faster than those that are stringent about office attendance. (Bloomberg)


Organizations offering flexible work arrangements are 3.8X more likely to see high employee performance. (Gartner)

Knowledge work is about collaboration - not a location.

We need to rethink how we invest in and structure “in-person” work to:

  • Foster “lore-creating moments” of in-person collaboration
  • Build deeper trust and strengthen communication
  • Design and share breakthrough learning experiences
  • Build boundary-expanding connections across teams and geographies
  • Strengthen shared purpose

Flexible Work Arrangements Move Organizations Forward

Blue Beyond equips organizations and leaders to invest in environments that emphasize collaboration over a specific location. We help clients:

  • Align and articulate expectations around hybrid work
  • Create high-performing Deep Trust and High Expectations® cultures
  • Build high-performance teams and bolster leadership effectiveness
  • Strengthen leadership development
  • Improve organizational design 
  • Boost manager effectiveness
  • Build team alignment 
  • Improve internal communication
  • Design and deliver extraordinary team and company retreats, off-sites, and events
  • Drive effective change

Essentials for High-Performing Hybrid Cultures

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The challenges and opportunities of hybrid and remote work are top of mind for business leaders today, changing the way we think about how and where work gets done, and requiring strengthened skills or new ones altogether. In this discussion, consultants Mara Mintz, Whitney Grabowski, and Caitlin Strauss Corda cover the essentials of what it takes to achieve a high-performing culture in a flexible work environment.

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