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Strategic Visual Communications Services

Inspire your people to take actions that align with outcomes.

Strategic Visual Communications Services

Inspire your people to take actions that align with outcomes.

Deliver Communications That Inform, Connect, and Empower Your People

In today’s fast-paced, digital work environment, the way we communicate is rapidly evolving — and visual communication lies at the center of that change. By integrating visuals into your communications approach, your organization is best positioned to support your internal programs, communicate key messages, and authentically articulate company culture — all of which contribute to a unifying employee experience. 

Whether you struggle to deliver a consistent message across channels or turn complex ideas into actionable takeaways, strategic visuals align your people with your objectives, cut through communications clutter, and rally your audience to take action.

Visual Communications Tells Stories That Stick

$97 Billion

Amount of GDP gained if U.S. organizations added visuals to their communications

Adding visuals in organizational communications could, by some estimates, contribute up to $97 billion in additional GDP in the U.S.  Source: TechSmith


The time it takes the human brain to process an entire image

Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than information presented in text. Source: MIT


Of people remember what they see (compared to 20% of what they read)

The average person remembers 80% of what they see (compared to 20% of what they read). Source: The Power Of Visual Communication In Thought Leadership

3 out of 5

Employees conduct their tasks more efficiently when communicated to visually vs. non visually

It’s estimated that 3 out of every 5 people identify as visual learners. Source: TechSmith


More Than Graphic Design

Our visual communications build employee experiences that inspire and move your organization forward.

Articulate purpose, values, and culture.

We go beyond aesthetics to create designs that align with your purpose, values, mission, and brand.

Educate employees about organizational programs and initiatives.

We deliver engaging visuals that instruct and inform your internal audiences.

Guide employees through organizational change.

Our work cuts through change efforts with emotionally compelling visuals and experiences.

Our Integrated Approach to Visual Communications

Our in-house visual communications team are experts at turning complex concepts into simple, experiential visuals that create a lasting connection.

  • Embed design thinking throughout the process to ensure a deep understanding of the audience and desired outcomes.
  • Create audience-centric visuals for internal programs and initiatives that bring strategy to life.
  • Leverage diverse mediums and techniques to visually reinforce messaging across all channels.
  • Utilize graphic facilitation techniques to create a shared understanding and build alignment.

Visual Communications Is a Means to Achieving Business Outcomes

It inspires action and creates meaning. See our look book below for examples of our visual communications work in action:

Take a Look Inside

Our visual communications and design team is skilled at:


Visual Storytelling


Journey Mapping




Infographics and Data Visualization

visual communication icons_slide-decks

Manager Slide Decks

Visual Communication icons_E-learning, training modules, and intranet

E-learning, Training Modules, and Intranet

Visual Communication icon_ Flyers, posters, signage, and other collateral

Flyers, Posters, Signage, and Other Collateral

visual communications icons_Video


Visual communication Icon_ Playbooks, toolkits, presentations, and interactive documents

Playbooks, Toolkits, Presentations, and Interactive Documents

Graphic Facilitation and Recording

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