Stakeholder engagement through deep listening is a critical touchpoint to understand the “lived” employee experience and to uncover trends and opportunities for the organization.

Through a combination of data review, one-on-one interviews, employee and stakeholder focus groups, we:

  • Understand and characterize the current state of your organization and the desired future state
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the lived employee experience 
  • Identify current realities that need to be preserved, amplified, and leveraged
  • Identify existing challenges and concerns that need to be addressed
  • Align stakeholders which is key to effectively mobilizing them in service of the desired changes

This approach begins the “intervention” towards creating your desired future state – one where people feel valued because you seek, appreciate, consider, and respond to their input.

Featured Case Study

Purpose, Values, and Culture Activation Enable Business Transformation

How deep listening through stakeholder interviews and focus groups helped a global organization move towards its desired culture

Output of stakeholder engagement:

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    Findings report that provides an overall assessment of the current employee experience

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    Insights regarding strengths, challenges and opportunities, as well as potential risks, barriers to change, and any other issues that need to be addressed to ensure successful outcomes

  • null

    Report-out meeting with leadership to ensure alignment and engagement with key stakeholders and coordination with work already underway

  • null

    Recommendations on how to proceed forward to the desired future state

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