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Case Study

Employee Value Proposition Helps Company Build Employee Commitment and Attract New Talent


A diversified industrial growth company with 24,000 employees worldwide

What We Did

Developed an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to inspire and engage current and prospective employees


Created a strong value proposition for employees with new leadership competencies grounded in it, as well as new resources needed for the company to truly live their EVP

Corporate Spin-off Strengthens its Promise to Employees with Compelling Employee Value Proposition


A global conglomerate spun off several of its subsidiaries to form an independent, publicly traded Fortune 500 company. The new company, with more than 20 operating companies of its own, launched under a new name. They did extensive work to establish their market presence including some inside-out marketing that began with a new and inspiring purpose, vision, and strategy to employees. They realized they needed to do much more to build enthusiasm and commitment from their base of 24,000 employees, as well as to attract new talent to a company that had little brand recognition.

The company turned to Blue Beyond to help crystallize messaging around what it means to work at the company, what they offer, and the company’s promise to current and prospective employees. They wanted to establish the kind of business where people not only wanted to work, but wanted to do their best work. They realized that it was critical that they start with the fundamentals — including the development of their shared purpose and values, which evolved into a compelling and well-articulated Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that resonated in the employee experience.


Blue Beyond partnered with the company to build their EVP as part of a larger People & Culture strategy. We wanted to help them build a value proposition for employees that aligned to the cultural DNA of their company and that would serve as a platform for culture, employee engagement, and integrated talent management.

We designed a 12-18 month roadmap to roll out and establish their EVP, and developed a powerful narrative, core messaging and supporting visuals for the internal team to embed across all employee touch points. Here’s a summary of how we did it:

Conducted thorough current state assessment

  • Began by understanding the client’s current and future state aspiration, establishing a basis of knowledge of the company’s business priorities and long-term goals
  • Conducted several “voice of the employee” focus groups across distinct employee segments, along with numerous 1:1 executive and stakeholder interviews, to gather insight about the employee experience and hear varied voices share their view on the true value derived from working at the company
  • Distilled employee input into eight themes that formed the foundation of the value proposition messaging

Created compelling Employee Value Proposition messaging framework

  • Partnered with the EVP team, which included representatives from HR, Talent & Acquisition, Internal Communications and others, to develop messaging that reflected the company’s values and purpose as well as future aspirations
  • Facilitated working sessions to refine and test messaging, ensuring we landed on something that felt relevant to all employees across operating companies as well as prospective talent
  • Developed supporting material and worked with Blue Beyond’s Creative Services team to design concepts that visually illustrated and articulated the employee experience and promise of the value proposition

Developed strategic Employee Value Proposition rollout plan

  • Developed comprehensive plan to effectively inform and engage stakeholders about the new EVP – leveraging existing communication channels and recommending new channels where needed to build employee understanding, enthusiasm, and pride
  • Recommended ways to embed the value proposition messaging across key people processes and programs that impact the employee experience, emphasizing strategies aimed at supporting ongoing conversations rather than a marketing campaign approach
  • Designed enterprise metrics and measurement plan by creating scorecards for each operating company, ensuring accountability for living and sustaining the EVP


While a key goal from the outset was a focus on attracting top talent, once the Employee Value Proposition came to life the company embraced it as a major component of its overall People & Culture Strategy for engaging existing employees, as well as recruiting new top talent. In addition to a new recruiting toolkit, we worked with the Learning & Development team to create new leadership competencies grounded in the value proposition, and we continue to collaborate on ways to equip each operating company with resources and materials needed to live their EVP in their ways of working.

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