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Case Study

Onboarding New Employees: A Personalized Experience


A global Fortune 500 technology giant with more than 12,000 employees worldwide

What We Did

Redefined employee onboarding experience with new tools, trainings, and resources for managers and new employees


New employees are highly engaged, equipped, and productive from day one with new best-in-class, scalable global programs

Fortune 500 Company Looks to Revitalize Global Onboarding Program


In the midst of a pivotal cultural transformation, a Fortune 500 technology giant turned to Blue Beyond to revitalize their strategies around onboarding new employees – knowing it can make all the difference in today’s competitive high-tech talent market.

The company wanted to impress their new employees from day one with an experience that created an immediate sense of belonging and purpose, and the ability to start their new job with pride and confidence. This required a holistic approach that embraced the company’s twenty-year history, reflected their burgeoning spirit of innovation, and also delivered the support and resources that new employees need.


We focused our approach on the key players in the onboarding process – hiring managers and new employees.

Manager Enablement

It all starts with equipping managers. New employees immediately look to their manager for support and guidance during their first few days, weeks and months in a new role. Partnering with the client, we created an onboarding program that prepares managers to deliver organized, relevant and well-timed content complemented by a personalized, welcoming experience. Together, we successfully:

  • Redefined onboarding new employees as a 90-day process. Armed with easy to use toolkits and checklists, managers now work closely with their new employee throughout the first three months to help them integrate with the team and understand how their work fits into the larger context of the company’s mission.
  • Established universal manager trainings, on-demand resources, and guidelines. Managers now have what they need to ensure each new hire across the company receives a globally relevant, scalable, and consistent experience.


New Employee Engagement

“For the last two years, Blue Beyond has guided us through fast-paced, disruptive business and culture transformation, often knowing what we need before we know it ourselves. They are my most trusted partners.”
— Global Onboarding Director

Next, we put ourselves in the shoes of new employees to create a truly unique and differentiated experience. Blue Beyond helped the client team envision, architect and deliver two best-in-class global programs for onboarding new employees:

  • A highly interactive, self-paced online orientation and cultural immersion that new employees experience within their first week to learn more about the history, purpose, and vision of the company.
  • An engaging, in-person onboarding summit event where all new employees who have joined the company within the last three months come together for a multi-day series of conversations with senior leaders and customers, coupled with hands-on experience with the company’s products.


By pairing swift action with long-term, experience-driven thinking, Blue Beyond was able to provide both immediate value and ongoing, self-sustaining success. Narrowing the gap between what new employees need and what managers are equipped to provide has proven to be a key factor in promoting new employee satisfaction and engagement, which have been steadily rising since these initiatives were implemented.

On top of the information, training, and tools new hires need to become productive, we created a holistic, powerful experience for new employees that tells the story of where the organization came from, where they’re going, and how they plan to get there. This story of who they are and who they’re becoming instills that greater sense of belonging and purpose, and gives every single new employee the feeling — from the very beginning — that they have a valuable, important part to play.

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