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Case Study

Developing Manager Capability and Community Support Virtually and At-Scale


Global technology company seeking to align and activate their 1,500 people managers to bring out the best in their teams

What We Did

Developed and delivered a customized program of live, remote learning sessions for managers to practice skill-building to help them lead more effectively


High levels of attendance for the sessions, a 90% satisfaction rate with course material, and a boost in manager effectiveness scores

Remote Learning Sessions Boost Manager Effectiveness Scores


A global technology company wanted to increase the skills and effectiveness of its 1,500 people managers located around the world. The company wanted the hands-on immediacy and opportunity for connection created by in-person experiential learning. However, the program needed to be delivered virtually in a way that would be compelling, engaging, and boost managers’ effectiveness as people leaders.


Blue Beyond collaborated with the company’s talent development organization to create and deliver a highly customized program for managers to learn and practice skills that would help them lead their teams more effectively. The program consisted of a series of live, remote learning sessions (covering topics like coaching, feedback, inclusion, and career development) combined with small-group breakouts for practice and peer discussion.

After each learning session, managers received support tools and materials that guided them through follow-up activities — including team meetings and 1:1 interactions. Senior leaders played a critical role in the program’s success by reinforcing the importance of putting learnings into action.

Despite the challenges remote learning can pose, these virtual sessions allowed for each program topic to be delivered to more than 1000 managers globally in a series of workshops over a two-week period. Even while being delivered at scale, the program maintained a small-group learning feel by prioritizing collaborative breakout activities in groups of 3-5 participants.


By the end of the first year, every one of the company’s people managers had attended at least one development session — and attendees reported 90% satisfaction levels with the material. Manager effectiveness scores on their yearly employee survey increased, and the more sessions a manager attended, the higher their effectiveness score tended to be. The company has now extended the program for a second year.


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