Blue Beyond Consulting

Case Study

Strategic Planning and Effective Storytelling in Higher Education


Engineering college with more than 3,500 students at a major state University

What We Did

Developed a strategic plan and compelling narrative to help tell the story of the college’s vision and progress


Raised the internal and external profile of the college among key audiences

Communications and Engagement Strategy Supports College Mission and Vision, Raises Profile Among Key Audiences


For years, a major state university was experiencing increased enrollment and a decrease in state funding. Within that environment, the new Dean of the university’s college of engineering set out to create a five-year strategic plan that would improve the student experience and success rate and raise the profile of the college both internally among the broader campus community, as well as externally with prospective students, alumni, industry and community partners, and potential donors. But much work was needed to attain its goals and reach these diverse audiences.


Blue Beyond first partnered with the Dean on the development of the college’s five-year strategic plan, facilitating a highly collaborative process that brought together a diverse group of stakeholders who collectively developed the vision, mission, goals, and priorities for the college. With a strategic plan in place and clear commitments and initiatives outlined, it was time to move into implementation and share the college’s vision and ongoing progress with the broader internal and external campus audiences.

We have continued to partner with the college to:

  • Create a compelling narrative that helped the Dean articulate her vision for the college and talk about the key initiatives they were undertaking to build the college’s reputation as an engineering college of choice where students can succeed and make a meaningful impact both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Write, design, and produce the college’s bi-annual alumni magazine, which builds pride and enthusiasm by highlighting achievements of students, faculty, and alumni in engineering, computer science, and technology.
  • Develop compelling marketing collateral showcasing key initiatives and programs to help tell the college’s story and drive fundraising efforts.
  • Support the Dean’s office in facilitating events and developing communications to keep key constituents informed of the college’s progress, always threading through a consistent narrative to reinforce their vision, mission, and commitments.


“Our college would not be where we are today without the thinking, creativity, and support provided by Blue Beyond. Their ability to help us get clear on our direction and tell our story in an impactful way to all our various constituents has certainly contributed to our success. I expect even more exciting results will come out of our continued partnership.” — Dean, College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

As a result of our collaborative efforts, the college is following through and delivering on the commitments it outlined in its strategic plan. It has enhanced its culture of student success, generated an increase in funding, and improved engagement from faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and community and industry partners. The president of the university has publicly recognized the Dean for the progress she’s made in raising visibility for the college of engineering. In a recent climate survey, 70 percent of faculty and staff agreed the college is making progress on their strategic plan and moving in the right direction.

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