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Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording

Create lasting change and memorable moments

Our skilled graphic facilitators and graphic recorders partner with you to:

graphic recorder graphic facilitator collaboration

drive strategic thinking, collaboration, clarity and alignment

help to visualize and implement change

map out thinking and visualize processes

graphic recorder graphic facilitator collaboration

build trust and deepen relationships by reflecting back each individuals contributions

Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording are ideal for:

Done virtually or in person, this technique provides a powerful tool for participants and creates an easy-to-digest meeting output that is memorable, shareable, and actionable.

What's the difference between graphic facilitators and graphic recorders?

Both graphic facilitators and graphic recorders are known as visual practitioners, but they have distinct roles in meeting facilitation.

Graphic facilitators

have the knowledge and skills to design workshops and meetings. The selection of participants, meeting environment, as well as the activities offered are thoughtfully considered to maximize collaboration, engagement, and alignment. During those sessions, they will guide a team through discussions while visually capturing, distilling, and synthesizing what is said real-time into lasting visual outputs.

Graphic recorders

partner with a facilitator to guide participants through a discussion. They lead with deep and active listening to capture real-time words and visuals that bring to life what is said in the room.

Meet Our Artists

Evelyn M. Sabino


Graphic Facilitation/Recording Consultant

Maya Tyler


Graphic Facilitation/Recording Consultant

Want to unlock the potential of your virtual or in-person meetings, workshops, and team gatherings? Amplify your ideas with the power of visuals through graphic facilitation and graphic recording

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