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Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording

Turn complex ideas into simple images and words to create clarity and alignment

Capturing ideas through the technique of graphic facilitation and graphic recording offers a powerful tool for visualizing and implementing change at the individual, team, or organizational level. Our skilled facilitators partner with clients to lead engaging meetings (in-person and virtual) that inspire strategic thinking, collaboration, understanding, alignment, and action.

Inspire collective learning and collaboration

Map out thinking and visualize processes

Capture and synthesize group dialogue

Graphic facilitation and graphic recording are ideal for:

Walk away from meetings and working sessions ready for action planning with a visual representation of what was discussed.

What’s the difference between graphic facilitation and graphic recording?

Blue Beyond offers both capabilities with a team led by Diana Arsenian.

A Graphic Facilitator

Leads and facilitates the discussion and visually records the meeting, weaving the two skills together.

A Graphic Recorder

Participates in meetings by listening and silently capturing information while another person or Blue Beyond consultant leads and facilitates the discussion.

Diana is an internationally recognized consultant who uses graphic facilitation and recording to enable strategic thinking, reflection, and change for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Diana uses images and words to capture information, ideas, and dialogue that emerge from group discussions, weaving the information into large visual narratives. This helps individuals and participants in meetings and gatherings to truly see and understand their shared ideas, and to effectively collaborate in building off of them.


Maya is a multi-talented consultant who helps clients make their big picture ideas easily accessible and actionable through a holistic integration of graphic recording, visual consulting, and graphic design.

She creates a common touchstone for teams and a larger connection to what’s at the core of their work. Maya helps bring clarity to team collaborations through real-time, live recording, and transforms those conversations into lasting digital narratives.

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