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Case Study

Empowering Leaders to Become Culture Change Agents


A global food and ingredients solution company with 11,000 employees worldwide

What We Did

Developed a program to inspire and empower managers to build a manager community and act as culture change agents


Increased communication and sense of awareness amongst managers on how they can be culture change agents and help accelerate growth for the company

Lighting the Pathway to a Management-Led, Ongoing Cultural Transformation


A global food and ingredients solutions company that had seen sales and operating income decline over the past few years began to do extensive work to understand where they stood in the market, and outline strategies to make themselves more competitive. The company realized that in order to be more competitive, they needed a sweeping culture transformation, and the first step was to clearly define and articulate their purpose and values. The company understood that they needed buy-in from managers in order to enact the kind of cultural and behavioral shifts across the organization that were necessary to enable growth and impact the bottom line.

They realized that they didn’t have the resources or curriculum necessary to help teach managers about how they can serve as change agents to accelerate the company’s growth.

The company turned to Blue Beyond for support with creating a clear channel of communications, resources, and tools for managers to inspire each of their employees.


Blue Beyond partnered with the CHRO to build an experiential program for all team-leaders to better understand how they can be change agents for growth, and in turn inspire and empower each employee to act as a change agent.

Experiential Manager Program:

  • Co-created a designed experiential manager program that aimed to inspire, activate, and empower managers to lead the culture change transformation.
  • Included a design-thinking session with the client where we identified our target audience and outlined learning objectives.
  • Developed an ongoing channel that included a one-day experiential workshop, leader-led learning modules, opportunities to connect with peers, and connections with local leaders.
  • Piloted one-day workshop with cross-functional group of managers.

After the pandemic hit in March 2020, we had to pivot to be able to accomplish the same goals via a virtual medium.


Leader-Led Video Series:

  • Evolved the in-person approach to a leader-led webinar that would introduce the program.
  • The updated program involved a three-part leader-led video series that featured leaders throughout the organization, allowing them to speak on best practices and to share stories and experiences that demonstrate how managers accelerate the culture and enable growth.
  • Each video, touching on a separate topic, highlighted the importance of enabling growth within the organization — focusing on being an agent for change, having a customer centric mindset, and why it’s crucial for leaders to be culture change agents.


While the program is still in its first year, the initial results have been positive. There is increased awareness across the organization as to how each employee contributes to the company’s growth. The program is ongoing and the early results are informing the strategy that Blue Beyond will design and implement with the organization in the coming year.


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