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Case Study

Engaging Employees to Create a Customer-Centric Culture


A Fortune 1000 global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment with about 5,600 employees

What We Did

Designed hands-on workshop to help non-customer facing employees adopt a customer-centric mindset and build line of sight to the customer experience


Participants gained a better understanding of what they can do in their role to support exceptional customer experiences; 100% said they’d recommend the workshop to a colleague

Interactive Workshop Connects Employees to the Customer Experience


In order to stay competitive, a Fortune 1000 tech company broadened its customer value proposition to put exceptional customer experiences and outcomes front-and-center. Understanding the critical role all employees play in creating a more customer-centric culture, it was imperative that everyone in the company felt accountable and understood how their day to day role impacted the customer experience. This culture shift would require all employees to change the way they think about and do their work every day — all in the name of creating exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint along the customer journey.


Blue Beyond partnered with the head of customer experience to develop and deliver a hands-on, interactive workshop to help employees understand the changes happening in the industry, how these changes impact customer expectations, and what they can do in their role to support the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

The day-long workshop was designed to be a high-impact lever for culture change — much more than a once-and-done experience — to provoke new thinking, new insights, new commitments, and new behaviors.

To start, we completed a series of stakeholder interviews to better understand the current state. Then, we partnered with the customer experience team to design the workshop and develop the interactive kit and materials.

Key to the workshop is a design that enables participants to discover the information through conversation and working together, instead of telling them what we wanted them to understand. We accomplished this through six learning exercises that help participants: understand the case for change; get to know the customer better; create a line-of-sight from the customer all the way back to the participant; and finally identify strategies, tactics, and measures that participants can take to stimulate broad-scale culture norm change.

“The quality of the workshop has actually surpassed my expectations. I very much appreciated the process we went through together.” — Head of Customer Experience


100% of participants said they would recommend the workshop to a colleague, and participants left with a better understanding of the customer—and what they can do to help provide a better customer experience. A few comments from participants included:

“It was refreshing to think about the big picture and where we fit into it. We don’t often take the time for it.”

“It made me realize if you put people together in a room, we can work together to come up with solutions.”

“I was able to see my role in each of the key customer touch points.”

“We all need to have this conversation.”

“The workshop brings a different perspective to my current function—sometimes you need to take a step back to get a different view.”

Our client, the head of customer experience, commented that she had never seen such a high level of engagement during an all-day workshop in her entire career. She also said: “The quality of the workshop has actually surpassed my expectations. I very much appreciated the process we went through together.”

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