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Enabling employee engagement and high performing cultures through effective “Big C” and “little c” communication

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We help clients take an intentional and impactful approach to both their informal and formal communications, because when the little and big communications work together, both the people and the organization thrive.

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We help corporate executives, managers, and employees cut through the clutter to deliver thoughtful, timely, and meaningful communications in today’s matrixed world.

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    Rallying employees around complex strategies through thoughtful, simple messages that resonate across global audiences

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    Creating and implementing employee communication strategies aligned to well-defined business objectives and tracked through meaningful metrics

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    Encouraging and equipping senior leaders to drive trust, high performance, and engagement through words and actions

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    Boosting manager communications capabilities and effectiveness with tools, trainings, and resources

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    Creating innovative strategies around change communications that drive sustainable changes in employee mindsets and behaviors

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    Developing a holistic M&A communications approach and plan that helps ensure a successful transition

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    Strengthening team effectiveness and collaboration by connecting the dots that lead to effective cross-functional relationships

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Improve leadership communication to engage your team and meet business goals

Every person, in every organization, has a responsibility to communicate effectively with others.

In fact, this kind of day-to-day ‘conversation’ is typically the most impactful communication that happens in any organization. But there is also the more formal, intentional, strategic kinds of communications — the kind that the internal communications team owns and that, when done well, can dramatically boost a company’s performance. We think of these two communication approaches as “little c” and “Big C” — both critical to an organization’s ability to engage, align, and mobilize its employees and ultimately achieve its goals.


Our creative approach is central to what we do. Learn more about how we integrate Visual Communications & Design Thinking.

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Compelling Company Narrative Drives Clarity and Engagement for Talent, Leadership, and Learning Programs

How we helped craft communications to align an organization’s purpose and culture to their talent, leadership, and learning programs.

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