Blue Beyond Consulting

Envision and Assess

Create your DEI vision and gauge where you are now

Envisioning and assessing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) starts with understanding the many dimensions of diversity in an organization’s workforce and how these dimensions intersect. But, it’s not just that: we believe DEI is central to building and sustaining cultures characterized by our Deep Trust and High Expectations® framework — and that kind of culture is best for your business and your people. 

We partner with you to help create your DEI vision and gauge your current state and opportunities through deep listening, ensuring all voices are heard and respected, and keeping an open mind and heart.

Committing to and advancing DEI also involves: 

  • Creating new or evolved company purpose and values through a DEI lens
  • Assessing current state efforts around DEI using an evidence-based, intersectional approach
  • Identifying what’s working well, along with opportunities for enhancement and integration across your business, leadership, culture, talent practices and workplace
  • Finding opportunities to articulate your commitment to Racial Justice in an authentic and meaningful way
  • Understanding employee experience through a DEI and social and racial justice lens

Wherever you are on your DEI journey, we want to help