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Manager Training

Managers are the fundamental drivers of effective employee communication, engagement, and behavioral change.

We create customized, hands-on training programs that are tailored to your business goals and company culture. Managers walk away with simple models and structured tools that have instant application in the workplace, but our process results in programs that are more than one-off, in-the-moment experiences.

Our design starts with an intensive conversation about what the organization needs from managers, and how to get them there. We partner with leaders to understand what’s going to be most useful to their audience and speak into the audience’s listening.

From that deep understanding, we create engaging, interactive, training sessions that resonate with participants. Tuned to your unique organizational needs, they become a broader, ongoing initiative to develop and strengthen leadership capabilities.

Manager Trainings

We help managers:

Understand and accept their communication responsibility as a leader

Demonstrate a connection between organizational strategy and what employees do every day

Prioritize, localize, and deliver key messages about business, job expectations, and performance

Learn how to prepare for delivery of complex or difficult messages and question and answer sessions

Ensure active, ongoing dialogue with employees

Establish trust and encourage employees’ ideas and contributions

Identify employees’ contributions real-time and recognize them without big budgets or awards programs

Demonstrate accountability in ways that build credibility and inspire others

Engage remote and/or global teams

Our Manager Training Topics Include:

Learning Programs & Workshops to Accelerate Managers' Development

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Best Boss™

An immersive, facilitated learning experience that equips managers with the mindset and capabilities to unleash the potential of their people and lead engaged, high-performing teams.

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Skill-Building in New People Managers: A Conversation with Juniper Network

Blue Beyond speaks with Kaela Ishizaki, Talent Management Program Manager at Juniper about needing to build foundational skill sets among their new people leaders and how she found success with our Best Boss™️ program.

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Beyond Skills™ Workshops

Our Beyond Skills™️ Workshops are highly interactive learning experiences that equip managers and teams with the techniques, tools, and resources to turn skills into competencies, make an immediate impact, and reach their full potential.

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