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Transform team culture and elevate productivity with a collaborative, adaptable team development program.




Why invest in team development?

Because high-performing teams move your organization forward. Top Teams™ is designed to help you establish new patterns of engagement and connection that build trust, enhance team performance, and create a culture of collaboration and feedback that drives your organization’s success.


increase in profitability



more productive



less turnover



increase in employee well-being



“A huge round of applause to Blue Beyond for facilitating and creating our amazing experience which delivered our intended outcome with many surprising bonuses. Thank you for your professionalism and stellar orchestration of our high-spirited bunch along our aggressive, ever-aspiring agenda. You created and adapted perfectly to the dynamics of our team and kept the momentum of our discussions focused and inspired with elevated purpose.”

Team Leader & Director of Product Management


Leveraging over 200 combined years of in-house and consulting experience with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies, our expert facilitators partner with you to develop the tools, mindsets, and practices necessary to build high-performing teams rooted in our Deep Trust and High Expectations® model.


Mobilize and organize teams to innovate and achieve organizational goals with our four-step learning process.

Step 1: Commit

Kickoff meeting

Top Teams kickoff meeting generates enthusiasm and lays a solid foundation for the collaborative journey ahead by helping the team establish buy-in and align on expectations


Step 2: Assess

Discovery process

Discovery process leverages Top Teams Assessment, individual profiles, and interviews with team members and key stakeholders to understand unique perspectives and identify priorities for enhancing team performance


Step 3: Develop

3-day offsite

Immersive learning accelerates team development through activities that promote authentic connection among team members and collaborative creation of team purpose and goals that will enable a culture of feedback and deep trust


Step 4: Apply

4-6 monthly sessions

Regular follow-up sessions support the team in applying concepts and learning in real-time as they work together to tackle a current business challenge and achieve their Top Teams goals


“The High Performance Team (HPT) program is focused on ensuring we understand and are equipped to deliver on our responsibilities beyond shaping the strategy and making the numbers. We need to help our company develop new ways of thinking and working that will enable faster top-line growth. HPT is helping us exercise new muscles as global change agents.”

Mike O’Riordan, Global Platform Leader, Starch-Based Texturizers Ingredion


When should you engage our Top Teams experts?

  • When a team is looking to increase productivity and performance
  • During or after M&A transactions
  • When a new or temporary team is formed, organizational or structural changes occur, or goals and vision need realignment
  • When a high-performing team needs a tune-up and boost
  • During leadership and managerial changes
  • When team dynamics, burnout, stress, or conflict undermine performance and productivity




“I appreciated the opportunity to get to know my team better and also share myself. We are one team.”

Top Teams High-Performance Team Participant


What you can expect from the Top Teams program.

Our program strengthens relationships and builds results across the organization.
Your leaders and teams will develop:

Individual and team resilience and agility
to meet today’s challenges


Proactive and creative problem-
solving techniques


Enhanced team effectiveness centered
on purpose and priorities


Strong individual and team connection that
enhances belonging and fosters deep trust


Positive team environment that motivates
and inspires people


Culture of collaboration and feedback to deliver
impactful business breakthroughs


The trust and skills needed to support
effective dialogue and decision making


Team synergy cultivated through shared
learning and experience


Deep insight into how individual and
group dynamics impact the team’s performance


Develop your high-performing team. Accelerate your organization.





Ready to start your Top Teams journey?



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