Blue Beyond Consulting

Build Capabilities

Strengthen DEI within your organization

Building awareness, new skills, and DEI-specific leader and manager capabilities are key to building cultures characterized by inclusion and belonging. But too often, off-the-shelf training solutions miss the mark.

A multidimensional approach is vital to successfully integrate DEI into organizational culture. Leveraging learning and development for meaningful personal growth and culture evolution is an essential strategy.


We work with clients to build and scale DEI awareness, capabilities, and skills that are tailored to your situation and needs. We leverage our knowledge of DEI best practice, culture building and existing training and development content and create organizational development interventions, and fit-for-purpose DEI learning and development programs that achieve measurable DEI and high-performing culture outcomes.

A few examples of our recent work include:


  • Building leader and manager effectiveness in developing more inclusive teams
  • Strengthening performance management through a DEI lens
  • Developing a global DEI Ambassador program 
  • Global employee onboarding programs enabling DEI from Day 1
  • Organizational Development Interventions to support dysfunctional teams struggling with DEI issues
  • Designing, developing, and deploying a wide variety of DEI learning and development, including topics such as:
    • Disrupting unconscious bias
    • Strengthening empathy and psychological safety
    • Leading courageous conversations on race, equity, and systemic racism and prejudice
    • Being an effective DEI ally
    • Employee Resource Group leadership training and playbook
    • Understanding the Four I’s of Oppression and why they matter at work
    • Facilitating inclusive meetings

Wherever you are on your DEI journey, we want to help