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Core Values Identification & Articulation

Our values speak to who we are — and who we aspire to be — when we’re at our best.

We provide guidance, support, and tools for core values identification and articulation, so you can achieve a healthy company culture where…

values articulation & identification

Employees can clearly articulate the values

values identification & articulation

Values show up in everyday work and behaviors

Values align with company vision and purpose

Strengthen your company values.

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We love inspiring, engaging, and aligning people and teams in the process of discovering their shared values and establishing a common identity for their organization or company. But the work doesn’t stop there. The next step is creating a link in employees’ minds between values and the behaviors that drive them.

  • Designing and facilitating offsites or workshops (in person or virtually) for leaders and teams to align on core values and associated norms, mindsets, and behaviors
  • Ensuring leaders model value-driven behaviors and encourage others to do the same
  • Developing culture campaigns that inspire employees to live core company values
  • Embedding values throughout talent management processes, practices, and tools, and every touch point that impacts the employee experience

Values Navigator: title of values identification toolkit

A simple tool and process for guiding teams through identification and articulation of core organizational values.

This comprehensive card deck of 88 universal organizational values provides the foundation for a rich, interactive, collaborative exercise that aligns team members around the most important values, mindsets, and behaviors that drive the organization.

Learn more about Values Navigator™ and take the first step in aligning your team or organization around its core values.

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