Blue Beyond Consulting

Tuesday, June 20 at 9AM PT

High-Impact Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Burnout

Burnout is a widespread issue affecting approximately 70% of knowledge workers globally. As Executive, HR, and Talent Leaders, tackling the many contributing factors can feel overwhelming.

Rather than a quick fix, we need to explore what causes burnout and identify workplace factors that we can control and influence to reduce it.  There are myriad contributing factors to burnout – many of which you can’t control, but let’s look at what you can control and influence in the workplace that can significantly reduce burnout.

Whether you’ve been thinking about this for years or need to reprioritize to meet the growing needs of employees, we can help.

Join us for a webinar where we will:

  • Define burnout and understand the common contributing factors to burnout in organizations
  • Explore strategies that you can implement to reduce burnout and create an environment that supports and engages your team

Hosted by:

Erin Wilgus, Consultant at Blue Beyond Consulting

Debra Samuel, Consultant at Blue Beyond Consulting

Caitlin Corda, Head of Business Development, Brand and Marketing

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