Blue Beyond Consulting

Wednesday, June 28 at 9AM PT

Webinar: Ensure Your Leadership Model Enables Your Company (and Your Leaders) to Succeed in a VUCA World

How a custom leadership competency framework can drive the leadership breakthroughs you need.

We all know aligning leaders around a clear strategy is vital to a company’s success. But do your leaders know the shared mindsets, norms, and leadership behaviors needed for your company to succeed?

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, thriving organizations require resilient, authentic, aligned leadership to achieve business results, create a high-performing culture, and build agility. Well-articulated leadership competencies woven into a company’s fabric that leaders genuinely believe in are the foundation of this type of alignment.

At Blue Beyond, we believe leadership competencies that are both effective and resonant are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Instead, leadership competency models must be meaningful to the leaders to gain traction. As thought leaders and practitioners in leadership competency, we bring a unique, custom approach to helping leadership teams build distinct models that will lead their companies to success.

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, June 28 at 9AM PT where we will:

  • Establish the business case for an effective leadership competency model
  • Share key capabilities that will differentiate leaders now and in the future
  • Review practical case studies for developing leadership competencies and gaining leadership buy-in, involvement, and partnership throughout the development process
  • Provide tips to uplevel your existing leadership competency model
  • Outline ways to gain adoption through touchpoints, communication, and ways of working

Hosted by:

Cheryl Fields Tyler, Founder and CEO at Blue Beyond Consulting

Jessica Rohman, Consultant at Blue Beyond Consulting

Caitlin Corda, Head of Marketing, Brand, and Business Development

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