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Deliver a People-First Onboarding Experience LET'S CHAT

Craft your organization’s unique employee onboarding journey with our talent optimization experts.

Deliver a People-First Onboarding Experience LET'S CHAT

Craft your organization’s unique employee onboarding journey with our talent optimization experts.

Your employee onboarding defines how people feel about your organization, whether they’re new hires or existing staff moving into new roles. Our onboarding consulting experts empower you to craft a scalable experience that makes your employees feel valued and included through their entire talent lifecycle, from pre-boarding to day one and beyond.


Make your first impressions count

Implementing an onboarding journey that puts people first gives you the keys to build long-lasting partnerships with employees and create a workplace that supports their development, satisfaction, and performance.

Your original onboarding experience will align your mission, vision, and values to help employees understand:


What direction is the company headed in and why and what processes are being used to get there?


How are teams organized and how do they interact with each other?


What do workflows look like and who is responsible for each part?


What skills are valuable and what opportunities are there for development?

Infuse your culture into every step

Whether you’re revamping your old process or starting from scratch, our experts help you level up your employee onboarding experience by engraving your unique culture story into every aspect of the journey. This enables you to learn about, and leverage, strengths for early success while helping employees: 

  • Learn organizational/departmental culture
  • Recognize the behaviors and outcomes that are rewarded and valued
  • Unlock all the knowledge, resources, and support to become successful in current and future roles
  • Establish social connections with their colleagues
  • Build trust and confidence

Build on our expertise

Our consultants have decades of hands-on and client experience in talent optimization and culture strategy. We don’t just give you templates; we partner with you to create and design a customized employee onboarding experience that reduces turnover and motivates people to do their best work. 

We help you focus less on paperwork and more on engagement by:

Assessing what is and isn’t working through focus groups, 1:1s, and analysis

Designing onboarding trainings, resources, and toolkits

Developing easy to follow tools and materials to guide both managers and new employees through the first 30, 60, 90+ days

Working with internal teams (HR, IT, Internal Comms) to ensure everyone understands the role they play in supporting positive onboarding experiences

Ensuring a globally relevant, consistent, scalable experience for all types of new employees, including recent college graduates, contract-conversions, international transfers, and remote employees

Measuring the impact, collecting feedback, and tracking and analyzing metrics for continuous improvement

Looking to redesign your employee onboarding? Building a new one from scratch? Not sure where to start?