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Case Study

Redefining Values: Sustaining a People-First Culture During Rapid Growth


An 800-person, $190M publicly held global supply chain software company

What We Did

Created a scalable culture and global platform for growth by refreshing company values and connecting the culture to business strategy


Our partnership led to strategic and cultural alignment across teams and around the world

Redefining values builds trust and inspires employees to contribute to the company’s growth


Our client, a global supply chain software company, with aspirations of growing to become a $1B enterprise, wanted to scale the ways of working that made them great, including the “magic” of their current culture, while evolving or leaving behind elements of their culture that no longer served them. However, a lack of foundational understanding of company values, culture, and strategy that left many employees feeling disconnected from the company’s future and their role in it. This confusion resulted in a breakdown of communication and a need for redirection to align with the company’s future growth, business strategy, and vision. The company reached out to Blue Beyond to create a set of values that resonate with employees around the world and serve as a platform for growth.


We set out to develop an understanding of the current state employees were experiencing, and what excited them most about the company’s growth. As a part of our deep listening process, we conducted 1:1 interviews with each member of the executive leadership team, as well as cross-functional, global employee focus groups to understand the strategic and cultural issues employees were facing in light of recent growth. We then continued to work closely with the leadership team to identify what they wanted to carry forward in their culture, and what they wanted to leave behind.

We found that across the board, employees and leaders alike were passionate about preserving the magic they created through their collaborative culture, but needed to refocus and align on a shared vision for the future. Our recommendation centered on evolving their current identity and realizing that their existing culture and practices would not get them to the future they were envisioning. Key to our recommendation was articulating the “People Matter Here” culture that made them special, along with the magic behind the warm, friendly, human-centric culture that defined them.

Our efforts also exposed the feeling of disconnect from the vision, strategy, and values and an inability to operate as a global company with a global mindset. Through our partnership, we developed a plan to refresh their core values to align to their growth strategy and create actions and behaviors to connect the employees to those values and embed them in their ways of working.

After developing our plan, we revised their five original values and added one more to the mix — “Be a Global Citizen” — in order to encourage a global mindset. This was necessary to bolster the realization of a $1B growing global enterprise, as thinking and acting as a global enterprise is a crucial foundation to their growing number of employees, offices, and services. 

Once the cultural narrative and values were articulated, we worked strategically with their HR team to craft a new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and improve their manager communication processes. In addition, we worked closely with their communications team to bring their culture and values to life, empowering leaders and managers to effectively relay information through global communications channels including leadership forums, manager meetings, internal and external messaging, and more.


Our work over the course of 9 months resulted in a realignment of the executive team and the organization, at large, around the new values and a “People Matter Here” narrative, which helped facilitate a Deep Trust and High Expectations® culture — a culture that requires active participation from team members. Refreshing the core values helped employees feel aligned with one another and understand the behaviors needed in the next chapter of the company. Our partnership gave the client the momentum it needed as it prepared for tremendous growth and change. 

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