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Case Study

Leadership Reimagined: Steering a Health System to New Heights


A large, nonprofit, values-driven health system of 30,000+ employees

What We Did

Helped to build cohesion and alignment among the executive team and senior leadership to support the execution of their strategy and the transformation to value-based care


Laid the groundwork for broad organizational alignment and engagement, and accelerated  progress toward the health system’s vision


Emerging from the day-to-day crisis management of the pandemic, the CEO of a large, nonprofit U.S. health system recognized a need to build trust, and reinvigorate and align his executive leadership team around the company’s strategy and transformation to value-based care, which focuses on quality, provider performance, and the patient experience.

The CEO had recently increased the size of his executive leadership team, and with several members in new positions, he knew it was essential for them to be on the same page, communicating and coordinating effectively, in order to execute the organization’s strategy and achieve the quintuple aim for healthcare improvement: improved patient experience, better outcomes, lower costs, clinician well-being and, ultimately, health equity. 


Blue Beyond was brought in to determine what was going right, and where they needed help. Over the course of 18 months, our consultants: 

  • Conducted a high-performing executive team assessment, which included our Top Teams™ survey, interviews with Executive Leadership Team (ELT) members, their direct reports, and key board members
  • Facilitated a series of team offsites utilizing our Deep Trust and High Expectations® approach with the ELT 
  • Worked with the CEO and executive team to articulate the team’s purpose, roles, and accountabilities
  • Conducted a developmental 360-feedback process for each ELT member and provided one-to-one coaching
  • Expanded the work to the organization’s broader leadership community (SVPs, VPs, and Directors) to align on the organizations’ transformation journey to value-based care, including the goals and expectations as well as the mindsets, behaviors and leadership essentials necessary for success 
  • Prepared to launch a roadshow engagement effort to mobilize and equip all managers across the system around the transformation


During the first phase of work, Blue Beyond conducted multiple offsites with the ELT that were pivotal in clarifying their purpose, roles, and accountabilities, aligning the team with the health system’s vision and strategy, and emphasizing the necessity of leadership, trust building, continuous learning, and effective communication and collaboration. Each leader received tailored feedback, identifying opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as areas of opportunity for enhanced collaboration with fellow ELT colleagues. 

The impact was profound and multifaceted: one member of the executive leadership team, for example, credited the program with significantly improving stress management, communication skills, and priority negotiation. Overall, qualitative feedback from the CEO and executive team leaders highlighted enhanced relationships and increased cross-team collaboration. 

Empowering the broader leadership — SVPs, VPs, and Directors — was the next phase in the transformation journey. The organization already had strong values and service standards but their recently rolled out leadership competencies had  yet to really take root. Blue Beyond helped these senior leaders understand where the organization was trying to go and why, and what leadership mindsets and behaviors would be needed from them to get there.  

“Our partnership with Blue Beyond has been instrumental in helping our leadership team align and mobilize around our health system’s transformation journey,” reports the President & CEO. “Their knowledge of the healthcare industry combined with their expertise in aligning and engaging teams, developing and activating leaders, and evolving cultures, is helping us to accelerate our progress toward our vision.”

This essential work with the executive team and the next levels of leadership laid the groundwork for broader organizational alignment and engagement in the transformation toward value-based healthcare.

Next up for Blue Beyond is helping to cascade the transformation strategy to all managers via a roadshow consisting of two-hour workshops at all sites across the system. As part of this roadshow, participants have the opportunity to put their leadership essentials into practice through playing a Blue Beyond-developed interactive board game (photo below) that presents them with real-world scenarios that they can apply to their learning. 

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