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Wednesday, October 11th at 9 am PT

Building High Performing Teams: 8 Essential Practices

High-Performing Teams: 8 Essential Practices to Cultivate Collaboration and Unleash Business Potential

Decades of research has demonstrated the value of high-performing teams. Not only are they 57% more effective and include employees who are 87% less likely to leave, they also enjoy more than 2X the revenue growth of less engaged teams. While the ROI is undeniable, it can be challenging to establish the patterns of engagement that build trust, enhance team performance, and create cultures of collaboration, learning, and accountability.   

In this webinar, you will learn more about our Deep Trust and High Expectations high-performance team model and what it takes for your teams — and your organization — to be successful. 

Join us for a webinar where we will: 

  • Review the impact of high-performance teams 
  • Introduce our Deep Trust and High Expectations™ approach to successful team building 
  • Demonstrate why “deep trust” and “high expectations” must work together — and what happens when they don’t 
  • Explore 8 essential practices to create high-performance teams 
  • Provide tips and real-world examples for optimizing team collaboration and performance
Hosted by:
Mariah Cherniss, Head of Consulting Excellence, Blue Beyond Consulting
Mallory Nightingale, Consultant, Blue Beyond Consulting

Caitlin Corda, Head of Marketing, Brand and Business Development, Blue Beyond Consulting

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