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10 Attributes of High-Performing Teams

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” We love this quote by Ken Blanchard because it sums up perfectly why it’s so critical to build effective, high-performing teams – the outcomes are exponentially better!

There are few things more energizing at work than being part of an incredible team – one that works seamlessly together, challenges each other to think in new and creative ways, and delivers fantastic results. In fact, team effectiveness is one of the most crucial elements to organizational success.

  • Connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability over their less-connected counterparts. Source
  • Teams that rank in the top 20% for connectedness see 41% less absenteeism, 59% less employee turnover, and a 66% increase in employee wellness. Source
  • 37% of employees said “working with a great team” was their primary reason for staying at an organization even if they weren’t happy with their job. Source

An example of team effectiveness here at Blue Beyond is our utilization of group genius. Our teaming model is what enables us to deliver our best work. It allows us to see each other’s perspectives and digest new and creative ways of thinking.

So what makes a high-performing team? What does it look and feel like? Based on our own experience and time spent working with global teams from Fortune 500 companies everyday, we’ve identified 10 common attributes of high-performing teams.

  1. Clear and aligned purpose. Everyone understands the vision, purpose and goals and is focused on achieving them.
  2. Clear roles and responsibilities. Everyone on the team knows how to contribute to those goals, and understands how all the pieces fit together. Individual strengths are leveraged to achieve success.
  3. Build trust through relationships. Everyone is encouraged to bring their whole selves to work. People know and care for each other. Empathy and compassion are visibly demonstrated. Actions are taken that are always in the best interest of the team/the organization/the work. People hold and trust each other to be accountable.
  4. Communicate frequently and effectively. Everyone keeps each other informed, shares information, provides updates and context, and alerts team members if something has changed. Time has been spent analyzing the best channels for communication – when to have a meeting, how to leverage IM/email, etc.
  5. Collaborate often. Everyone believes in the power of group genius, leverages each other’s strengths, and partners effectively – all with the larger goals and purpose in mind. Feedback is freely given with the intention of helping people show up at their best, deliver their best, and be successful together.
  6. Appreciate & encourage diverse thinking. Everyone acknowledges differing perspectives and opinions as an opportunity for new ways of thinking and eliciting new ideas. Different opinions help expand thinking, develop a wider array of solutions/ideas, and improve deliverables.
  7. Manage conflict constructively. Everyone engages in constructive dialogue. There will be differing opinions but courageous conversations replace gossip. Conflict is viewed as an opportunity to learn.
  8. Learn and adapt. Everyone actively engages in and enjoys exploring new ideas. Curiosity is a skill set and questions, as well as challenges to the status quo, are encouraged. Trying, failing, learning, and adapting are vital parts of the process.
  9. Celebrate success and show appreciation. Everyone celebrates success – individually and as a team. Public appreciation for people is the norm.
  10. Measure outcomes and success – Everyone can tie back the work to organizational purpose and goals in a way that allows people to be seen, heard, and valued. There’s a shared understanding of the broader impact that’s made.

Looking at our list above, how would you rate your team? Where do you perform well and where are there opportunities to grow?

Our High-Performing Team Self-Assessment can help you identify areas where you’re successful, where there’s room to improve, and the key steps you can take to get to where you want to be.

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