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Building Effective Teams: How and When?

Team effectiveness is rooted in deep trust and high expectations. Building an environment of deep trust and high expectations creates the conditions for people to do their best work and for the entire team to thrive.

When deep trust and high expectations work together, businesses see more effective, high-performing teams. Taking the time to nurture your people into high-performing teams means higher employee engagement, better business outcomes, and significant boosts in ROI.

Research shows that engaged and effective teams show 21% greater profitability (Source: Gallup) and that 72% of organizations say team performance has a positive impact on productivity (Source: Brandon Hall).

How to create an effective team

To build a deep trust environment: 

  • Intentionally cultivate psychological safety
  • Encourage respectful dialogue
  • Make space for team members to authentically connect with each other
  • Ensure all employees receive honest, helpful feedback

To build a high expectations environment: 

  • Ensure team goals are ambitious but achievable
  • Clearly define individual roles and accountabilities
  • Design team processes and structures so that they support individual and collective performance
  • Honestly assess all employees’ contributions

Looking for support with building a high-performing team?

Our approach

It’s clear that focusing on building a high-performing team is always good for business, but there are times when it’s crucial.

When to focus on team effectiveness

  1. You have a newly formed team
  2. Your existing team needs new ways of working and collaborating
  3. You’ve recently gone through a merger or acquisition
  4. You’re experiencing a business transformation
  5. You have a new company vision or purpose
  6. You’re going through a leadership transition

Effective teamwork is critical for every business to succeed. Looking for more support in fostering a deep trust, high expectations environment that will boost team performance? Read more on our approach to building effective teams.