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Help Your Leaders Navigate Change Effectively

Change is the only thing that’s not changing. Build organizational resilience and empower employees by learning to navigate change.

More than three years into these “unprecedented times,” your company has been through it all. New teams, new leaders, changes to technologies, and ways of working are not over yet. Forbes predicted its top 5 biggest business trends for 2023, and it’s a laundry list of changes to operations, talent, technology, supply chain, and customer experience. But, no matter what you’ve been through since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not ending soon. If anything, the pace is only accelerating.

As a leader, you know how hard it can be for your team to handle those circumstances, and you’ve probably seen them and your managers struggle to keep up and adapt.

How can leaders address this fatigue and foster a positive and supportive culture of change? How can you support your team through these transitions and nurture a resilient, collaborative, and learning culture?

In this webinar recording we:

  • Explore how change affects your employees
  • Discuss your role as a change leader and coach
  • Share a framework for navigating and leading through change
  • Preview the Navigating and Leading Change Workshops

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