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Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Identify, influence, and strengthen your team’s stakeholder relationships

Strong stakeholder relationships are the key to continued growth, solving complex challenges, and ensuring organizational success. Whether you’re engaging people for a new or existing project or trying to strengthen existing relationships, it’s critical to ensure that your stakeholders feel seen, heard, and valued.

A workshop like no other

Our Stakeholder Engagement Workshop goes beyond the basic process of stakeholder management by guiding your team through a series of discussions and activities designed to co-create a game plan and build the skills necessary to align and engage your key partners. 

You’ll build trusted relationships through stakeholder analysis and mapping as well as develop action plans that focus on proactive communication strategies. Our workshop helps you bring your team together to capture what you collectively know about your stakeholders and their interests. This ensures you have the right representation of voices to successfully tackle your initiatives.

What makes us different


Builds core skills and competencies that directly impact stakeholder relationships


Stimulates dialogue to leverage the knowledge and skills of the entire team


Dives into real situations, real projects, and real people


Utilizes graphic facilitation to illustrate how all stakeholders fit together 

Offered virtually or in-person, our Stakeholder Engagement Workshop is available in two 2-hour sessions or a single 4-hour session for the ultimate level of flexibility.

Our skilled facilitators have decades of consulting experience helping Fortune 1000 companies, government entities, non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities drive results through effective collaboration and stakeholder management.


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The Stakeholder Engagement Workshop is broken into 2 parts:

Part I - Stakeholder Inventory

Identify and assess current and desired stakeholder relationships

  • Discuss the vision and opportunity for the team around stakeholder engagement
  • Align on the experience you’re trying to create for your stakeholders
  • Identify, map, and align your team to key stakeholders

Part II - Stakeholder Engagement

Build a team engagement strategy with individual action plans

  • Identify opportunities and strategies to increase trust with specific stakeholders
  • Create a plan to deepen your understanding of each stakeholder’s needs, motivations, and capabilities
  • Align on clear next steps to continue nurturing trusted partnerships with key stakeholders to maximize your ability to solve business challenges together

Build better relationships

In this workshop, you will learn and enhance techniques and skills to build effective stakeholder relationships. You’ll also: 

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities presented by complex stakeholder networks and relationships
  • Uncover and visualize your priorities and the stakeholder ecosystem you’re working in
  • Segment and prioritize stakeholder groups using tried and tested methods
  • Establish success criteria for engagement
  • Explore communication styles to facilitate two-way dialogue
  • Articulate outcomes and design an action plan for enhanced stakeholder engagement

By establishing common ground and creating win-win opportunities, you can increase valuable stakeholder support and build successful coalitions.