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Education and Nonprofit Consulting

Clarifying strategy, strengthening capabilities, and unlocking possibilities for mission-driven organizations

Our Approach

Mission-driven organizations need to remain grounded in vision and values to stay strong, relevant, and effective in today’s ever-changing economic and political landscape. We focus on the strategic plan deliverable and also on the process — and what the process enables with regards to strategic plan implementation. Our track record in the business and nonprofit worlds — as well as educational and public sectors — helps organizations develop and achieve high aspirations. 


of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully. 

(Source: The Execution Premium by Kaplan and Norton)

Strategic Planning and Effective Storytelling in Higher Education 

How we partnered with a major State University to develop a strategic plan and compelling narrative to tell the story of the college’s vision and progress.

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We take a highly inclusive, interactive, and engaging approach — partnering with executives, boards, leaders, and employees at universities, educational institutions, and nonprofits to establish a compelling vision and strategy for achieving goals — from the programs you run to the people you serve.

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    Clarifying mission, vision, strategy

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    Setting strategic goals and priorities

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    Finding common ground among diverse stakeholders

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    Strategic planning for universities, colleges, and nonprofits

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    Engaging hearts and minds through consistent, effective communications

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    Driving organizational progress and success

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Organizational Strategy and Development

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Organizational Engagement

  • Alumni Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Board Engagement
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Nonprofit Change Management

  • Change Management Roadmaps
  • Effective Leadership
  • Communication Strategies
employee engagement consulting services

More services

  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Coaching


Our creative approach is central to what we do. Learn more about how we integrate Visual Communications & Design Thinking.

“After a lengthy period of institutional inertia, we had a lot of structures and processes that needed to change. But before any of that was possible, we needed to change the culture. Blue Beyond helped us get our campus community involved, collaborating, and excited about a vision for a better future.”

– Vice Provost of Planning and Budget

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