Blue Beyond Consulting

Kylee Martin

Kylee is a consultant whose goal is to help businesses thrive by nurturing their most important asset, their people.

She has always been fascinated by interpersonal relationships which has evolved into a passion for positive social and business interactions. She strives to live in a world of positive corporate culture and mutually beneficial work environments.

Kylee’s experience in focus group facilitation, employee communications, and corporate values work has enabled her to understand that no matter what challenges companies face, it will always pay to remember that employees are first and foremost human beings. Each employee has worth beyond the amount of profit they produce. Helping others recognize this truth and working together to build a pragmatic approach to implementation is an opportunity of a lifetime.

She is a boy mom and a dog mom who is as equally excited by a new book as she is a new adventure. She hopes to build and live her best life by being a blessing to others.

Kylee has B.A. in History with a minor in Women’s Studies from Franklin College and her Master of Management Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.