Blue Beyond Consulting

Gretchen Hoover Anderson

Gretchen joined Blue Beyond in August of 2015 as a communications consultant. Prior to that, she spent several years working for a nonprofit communications association where she worked closely with the Executive Board and served as a member of the leadership team. She directed a variety of marketing and communications programs, leading their international development efforts, planning and executing events, and spearheading their leadership training. She enjoys working with teams, helping them crystallize ideas, and developing solid strategies for bringing those ideas to life.

Gretchen graduated from the University of Hawaii, Manoa on the Dean’s List and holds an MBA from San Francisco State University. As a student, she worked at Hawaii Public Television and interned on a number of films and video productions. She has a keen aesthetic sense and enjoys putting her visual medium skills to work on client projects.

Gretchen’s clients and former colleagues remark on her ability to distill complicated issues down to their core, her aptitude as a writer, and for being graceful under pressure.