erin cambra

Erin Cambra


Erin is Blue Beyond’s People Operations Manager, with expertise in leading and managing people. Leading 30+ women through the Castro Valley Women’s Huddle has allowed her to practice skilled listening, finding common ground with others, and bringing people together toward a shared goal.

Erin’s past career experiences creating systems for volunteer training, retention, and recognition at UCSF Children’s Hospital and organizing and executing an annual Fall Festival for patients at UCSF helped prepare her for her role at Blue Beyond. During her time working with children in hospitals, Erin also maintained the inventory of development supplies, learned to build quick rapport with others, and became expert at organizing, scheduling, and ensuring task completion for maintenance and housekeeping at a co-op preschool.

Erin received an MA in Early Childhood Education from Mills College and graduated UC Davis with a BS in Human Development, and a Minor in Education. She is most complimented on her task oriented approach, follow through, and being approachable and easy to talk to.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

Good listener and communicator. Strongly action oriented with good follow through. I keep things organized and am a fast learner. 

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

I love to see when everything comes together, when all of the pieces of the puzzle are put into place and things work. I love to see success in my colleagues and to celebrate them. If a task or project that I have worked on has helped a colleague to succeed, then I have done my job well. 

Who or what matters most to you?

My little family of four is what matters most to me. We each bring our individual contributions to our family unit and everyones passions need to be supported. Helping my family thrive means allowing them to explore independently while reserving time for the four of us to connect as a group daily. We value the silly, steadfast, and sweet characteristics that make us who we are.

What learning experience has had the biggest impact on who you are now?

I allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone and facilitate a Huddle after the Women’s March in 2017. This meant I was to invite neighbors (many of them strangers) into my home and orchestrate a meeting to decide which direction we wanted our futures and our community’s future to point. These meetings have continued monthly and allowed me to step into my natural leadership role with confidence. I have learned that I am more capable than I had imagined. I have learned, and continue to learn through this group, that we can make a change and that we are all in this together. I am now an active part of my community – making connections with other community activists to enact change.  

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