Blue Beyond Consulting

Casey Jordan

Casey is a consultant, with a background in both change management consulting and teaching.

Her time in multiple university settings and roles helped Casey learn to think creatively, be flexible in the moment, and problem-solve in innovative ways. Her experience as a change management consultant at Root Inc. gave Casey the opportunity to advise clients in a wide variety of industries, to identify unique business challenges and create custom solutions to transform their organizations.

Casey is a Teach For America alumni and was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2011, at Hope Institute Learning Academy as a 2/3 grade teacher for Chicago Public Schools.

She holds a B.S in Communications from Eastern Michigan University, a Master’s in Education (K-9) from Dominican University, a Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern Illinois University, and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.

Casey is known for her adaptability, and ability to work quickly.