Blue Beyond Consulting

Cameron Crotty

Cameron is a consultant with a deep background in using communications to change behavior and drive action with a wide variety of audiences, from leaders and their teams to customers and business partners.

His experience lies in helping people engage by connecting their daily work to a bigger picture or strategy, helping leaders move their teams and organizations in the right direction, and helping people understand how to use effective communications to get what they need and create a work environment where everyone can thrive.

Cameron also has a background in journalism — which taught him the importance of creating space for people to share their stories. As a marcom content creator, he learned to hear the needs and desires of the target audience over the roar of “messaging.” As an internal communicator, he learned to coach leaders in large and small organizations so that they could better connect with their teams and peers.

Cameron is an award-winning writer and editor, known for his tight, clear, and polished work. Most recently, while consulting for IBM strategic and product marketing communications, he led the IBM Data Management magazine team to three Folio Eddie awards.

Cameron has a Bachelor’s in English from Ohio University.