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What’s Your Next Big Thing? Our “Perspective” May Help

Facebook turns 10 years old this week and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he’s determined to keep expanding the social network.

Zuckerberg has shown flexibility in adapting his company to the rise of mobile computing, and says he’s confident that Facebook can keep evolving and rising to new challenges. “We’re really at this point where we can take a step back and think about the next big things that we want to do,” he says (for more: Bloomberg Businessweek).

At Blue Beyond Consulting, we’re also thinking about next steps – not only for our company but for those we serve. Over the last few months, we’ve helped many of our clients define and finalize their 2014 business goals and action plans. What are we seeing? Regardless of industry or geography and just like Facebook, we’re all working harder – differently – to ensure goals align to ever-shifting employee and customer demographics as well as “borderless” business.

The rules and practices that once defined business success have been turned upside down; being rewritten in “real time” to help break down organizational and hierarchal silos and provide stakeholders – including employees and customers – the opportunity to engage at a one-to-one level and share knowledge and expertise. Though it’s a bit unsettling, working in this new dynamic is exciting and exhilarating!

Over the holidays we shared with our clients our newest BBC Perspective, 5 Trends Impacting Your Company and How Leadership Should Respond. The feedback was so positive that we’ve decided to share it with our trusted colleagues and friends through this blog.

The Perspective identifies five key trends and best practices that are having important, meaningful impact on leaders and others charged with supporting, developing and leveraging this new world of work by rising to new challenges when it comes to speed of innovation, motivating cross-generations, flexible work, the social web and branding.

Will it help you think about and perhaps identify your own next big thing? We’re betting on it.

We will continue to develop and share our views through our BBC Perspective series on a quarterly basis. Let us know if you have a topic of interest and we’ll be sure to address it.