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Values Navigator: title of values identification toolkit


A simple tool and process for guiding teams through identification and articulation of core organizational values

Why Use Values Navigator?

Build the foundation for a collaborative team exercise

Card sorting exercise gives team members a solid place to start and helps avoid unproductive “wordsmithing”

Surface the most important values essential for the future

Watch the pile whittle down as participants explore and debate what matters most to the organization

Inspire rich, productive dialogue between participants

Encourage meaningful conversations about what the organization stands for and why

Build alignment around shared ideals

Highly collaborative approach ensures every voice is heard and everyone is involved in defining the values-driven behaviors they’d like to see every day

What Comes in Your Values Navigator Toolkit?

Each toolkit comes complete with a set of 88 reusable Values Navigator Cards and access to our proprietary Values Navigator Resource Center packed with facilitation guides and supporting materials for a variety of scenarios.

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When Should You Use the Values Navigator Toolkit?

It’s ideal when facing one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Defining or refining team, organizational, or company culture and values
  • Establishing a new team
  • Deepening connections within existing teams
  • New leader assimilation
  • Building alignment and understanding among cross-functional teams
  • Career and leadership development
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Identify and articulate your core values
with Values Navigator today!

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