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Reimagining the 1-on-1 Meeting During Times of Change

During times of change and transition, maintaining consistent communication with your team is essential. Hopefully, you already have a comfortable rhythm for virtual team meetings and regular check-ins. When communicating with employees during times of global uncertainty, what you may not have considered is the need to adjust the tone, frequency, and even duration of your one-on-one meetings. These internal communications with your team members not only allow you to do a pulse-check on everyone’s mental and emotional well-being, they also offer an opportunity for real human connection.

  • Here is a downloadable worksheet of thoughtful 1-on-1 questions and conversation starters to spur meaningful dialogue and provide a safe place for team members to share questions they might not otherwise ask.
  • On the second page, you’ll find a checklist on personalizing your 1-on-1 approach, to adapt and customize your approach for individual team members when communicating with employees during a crisis.

For more information on managing a remote team and leading during crisis, read Change Leadership: Recognizing the 3 Phases of How Employees Process Change.