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How to Transition In-Person Meetings to Engaging, Virtual Events

With many employees now working remotely, virtual all-hands meetings, learning and development sessions, and team-building activities have rapidly become the new norm. But virtual meetings and events shouldn’t be seen as a last resort — they’re an opportunity to create moments of team connection and learning that last long after the meeting has ended. So, how can you seamlessly transition from in-person to virtual events — and create engaging experiences that resonate with all participants? Here are some best practices:

Tips for Shifting In-Person Meetings to Virtual Events:

  • Start with the Outcome — Determine the desired objective of the meeting or event, who the audience is, and what your organization wants them to think, feel, and do coming out of the event.
  • Content and Structure — Land on the most effective format for the meeting or event (whether that be group activities, speakers, video sessions, a mix of all, etc.) by considering the different time zones, geographies, languages, and other demographics of the attendees.
  • Communications — Effectively communicate throughout the timeline from pre-meeting to post-meeting: reminding people about the meeting or event and what it entails, preparing employees for what they need to do in advance, and recapping important details and takeaways from the time together.
  • Workbooks and eLearning Modules — Create e-learning modules, printable workbooks, and other assets that enhance employees’ learning, make the event more engaging and interactive, and serve as lasting resources employees can reference later, to continue getting value out of the session.
  • Graphic Recording and Facilitation — Capture the ideas and takeaways in real-time  during the meeting or event with visuals that add an emotional connection, a creative dimension, and allow every team member to feel heard and represented. Learn more about our graphic recording and facilitation services.
  • Culture-Building Moments — Determine ways to infuse moments of connection and fun into the meeting that feel organic to your company’s culture.

Transitioning what would normally be an in-person event to a virtual event doesn’t have to be a loss. With thoughtful and intentional planning, an online experience can be just as engaging — and even add new dimension and depth — to a typically in-person event or meeting. Looking for more support? We’d love to partner with you!