Blue Beyond Consulting

How Can Leaders Be Inspired, Equipped and Supported to Lead a Multi-Year Transformation?

After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, a Fortune 200 company in the healthcare industry was faced with the most far-reaching, significant change their industry had ever seen and a long-time culture of siloed thinking and internal competition for resources.

The company had a history as a decentralized holding company and needed to bring its leadership together for the first time around a coherent collective strategy and financial plan in order to cut costs and take advantage of the growth opportunities afforded by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation.

Blue Beyond worked with the senior leadership team, human resources, business leadership, marketing, communications, and compliance to bring leadership together to shape a common story about where they were going and why and then help them do the hard work of transforming the company for ACA implementation.

Over the course of four years, we:

Strengthened Alignment – we helped create and manage ongoing Leadership conversations that built a one-company mindset and set a higher standard for leadership performance

Evolved Brand and Culture – we worked with leaders across the business to strengthen consumer awareness, pride, and a “can-do” spirit of innovation, cross-boundary communication, and effective compliance

Built Organization-Wide Communications Capability – we helped to transform the communications function from “reporting” on the organization’s news to a become a true asset in leveraging the tools of the communication trade to help transform the organization

Delivered Excellent Change Leadership and Change Management – we were integrally involved in several business critical strategic change efforts, including organizational restructuring, launch of new business capabilities, new business launches, strengthening compliance to new business processes, and many more.

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