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Decision Making Workshop

The Decision Making Workshop provides a flexible framework for breaking through analysis paralysis, enabling timely, high-quality, collaborative decisions that deliver better outcomes and leverage diversity of thought across the team. In addition to the decision making framework, participants will learn daily practices and habits they can implement on the job to produce more nimble, aligned decisions.

  • Duration: 4 hours (one or two sessions)
  • Delivery: In-person or virtual
  • Who it’s for: groups of managers, groups of individuals across the organization, and intact teams


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Learning Objectives


Discover how more effective decisions can produce better outcomes, fewer false starts, and speedier results while identifying your own default process for coming to conclusions.


Learn various decision-making approaches and the key factors to consider when determining which one will be most effective in any given situation.


Apply a decision-making process that balances speed with quality. Learn to identify clear roles, solicit input, stimulate healthy debate, and move forward with a well-informed decision that has the alignment needed for successful implementation.


Walk away with immediately applicable skills, tools, and techniques for improving the decision-making power on your team in a variety of situations.

Why Beyond Skills Workshops?

Every Beyond Skills Workshop is designed and facilitated by a diverse team of seasoned consultants with deep knowledge of adult learning and experience with the topic at hand. Learn more about our team here.

In-person or Virtual — Optimized to Fit Your Needs

Each learning session can be delivered to groups or teams in-person or virtually and can be adapted for a variety of audiences, group sizes, and business contexts. Prior to the workshop, you will meet with your program facilitator to discuss nuances of your specific company and team to ensure the workshop is delivered in a way that resonates deeply with participants.

Our Guiding Principles to
Effective Learning Experiences

Engaging content

Approachable language and relatable examples


Hands-on practice and activities that make learning stick

Dynamic and visual

Compelling graphics that clarify and simplify complex concepts


Simple models and structured tools for immediate, on-the-job application

Looking for a highly customized experience?

Beyond Skills Workshops are specifically designed as ready-to-launch learning sessions that minimize lead time so you can offer development to groups of managers and teams quickly.

If your organization could benefit from more customized support, we’d love to partner with you to create unique experiences that directly address specific learning and development needs:

Custom development and delivery

Topics and training specific to your
unique organization and needs

Hybrid curation and delivery

Content and course materials from Blue Beyond combined with your existing resources, curated and tailored based on your needs

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