Lili Polastri


Lili joined Blue Beyond in 2013 as a consultant and has since built her expertise in employee engagement, communications, leading and managing people, program management, and change management.

Previously, Lili worked in Business Development and Web Production for a nonprofit television station where she was regularly challenged to exercise new skills and take on new projects/roles. The experience required a lot of creativity and flexing, and served as a great opportunity to take risks and hone her leadership capabilities.

Lili is complimented most on being helpful, organized, trustworthy, and good at managing relationships. She has a BA in TV/Video Production from Emerson College and an MA in Comparative Journalism from the University of Wales.

What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I am a problem-solver who is motivated by opportunities to help people achieve their business goals through employee engagement, cross-functional alignment, and authentic communication. My areas of expertise include: program and project management, large-scale global events, communication plans, meeting facilitation, team alignment, surveying, and metrics/measurement.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

While things like to-do lists, deadlines, details, and a well-executed plan put me in a natural state of Zen, I feel incredibly lucky to be in a line of work that involves a healthy dose of ambiguity, thinking on my toes, and “learn for a living.” I love partnering with clients to turn an idea into reality, overcome a challenge, or navigate change – it’s a mutually beneficial process that affords me both continuous growth, and the satisfaction that comes from helping people when they need it most!

How does good consulting happen?

Through listening, asking the right questions, and (perhaps most of all) compassion and empathy. Business starts and ends with people – everyone has their own context and experiences that color the situation they’re in. Understanding individual environments, in addition to being able to recognize patterns within larger systems, is key in achieving the trust and perspective necessary to partner effectively with clients toward finding solutions.

If you could take the year off, what would you do?

I would most certainly live abroad again! Many of the most profound moments of my life have been when I was exploring new places, people, and cultures. There is something so humbling and exciting about navigating an unfamiliar environment as a foreigner for an extended period of time. If I could take a whole year off, I would love to dedicate it to a cause – perhaps teaching English somewhere in Latin America, helping refugees in the Middle East, or working with rescued elephants in Thailand. Also, I would read a lot more!

Name a peak experience in your life. What happened?

Serving in the Peace Corp in the Republic of Kiribati in 2005 was definitely a peak experience. Learning to live in one of the least developed countries in the world was a test of endurance rewarded by getting to witness the joy and love of the people there. I realized very quickly that the I-Kiribati people had so much more to teach me than I had to teach them about what is really important in life. These sentiments are underscored further by how fortunate I feel to have seen this beautiful country, which will disappear completely within my lifetime due to sea-level rise. It fills me with both incredible sadness and gratitude.

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